Canopy Insurance | 3 x Explainer Videos

It was a delight to record 3 explainer video Voiceovers for Canopy Insurance as part of their rebranding from “Insure Street”.

The animated videos highlight the features and benefits of the new Canopy App, which allows renters to move to a new property without having to pay huge fees each time. There are three audiences, one for each animation as shown on this page.

1. Landlord
2. Agent
3. Renter

The voice brief was “warm, light, breezy and informative”. To help with pacing, a guide track/video was sent to me by the production company ahead of the session. The voiceover recording was made at my personal studio and was directed via the internet.

Studio: Pete Edmunds’ Studio, London, UK
Microphone: Rode NT1-A
Direction: Client directed via Phone


  • Voiceover – Neutral English accent
  • Client Directed at Personal Studio
  • Warm, light, breezy and informative style
  • To provide a set of voiceovers with a warm, light, breezy and informative style.


The Canopy App helps renters to build credit by paying rent and take control of their financial future.

Nationwide Website: