RSC Horizon Prize 2023 – Animation Voiceover

Each year, the Royal Society of Chemistry award the Horizon Prizes – “Celebrating discoveries and innovations that push the boundaries of science.”
In 2023, 10 Prizes were awarded and in early 2024 I was asked to record an animation voiceover describing the winner’s work in the category: 2023 Environment, Sustainability and Energy.

The topic is Unlocking Polarisation Photocatalysis: The development of polarisation photocatalysis using spontaneous electric fields in polar materials to mitigate charge carrier recombination, promoting commercialisation of photocatalytic technology. It sounds complex when written out as above – but the animation breaks it down in a very accessible way. With a background in science and engineering I found it fascinating, and an enjoyable voiceover to record.

I was travelling through Vietnam when the client requested my voice – so I found a pro studio in Hanoi and recorded the voiceover there. This was the first time I worked in a studio outside the UK, and decided to film the experience! I hope to upload the film in the future – but in the meantime I’ve attached some frame-grabs.

As a qualified mechanical/electronic engineer with a number of years working in IT, I’m extremely well suited to voicing any video content related to manufacturing, industry, engineering, science and technology. If you have a project of that type  – please contact me to discuss your voiceover needs.

Studio: Zuong Zero Studio – Hanoi, VN
Microphone: Neumann TLM103
Preamp: UA 710 Twin-Finity
Audio Interface: Steinberg UR824
Compressor: Waves CLA-2A
Direction: Self directed at studio.

Voiceover Brief and Skills 

  • Provide an animation voiceover with Neutral / RP English accent.
  • The tone was to be authoritative but approachable, as the audience is the general public – not necessarily the scientific community.
  • Record several takes to offer options for the video editors.
  • Self direction at the studio.

The Royal Society of Chemistry was established in 1980 by the amalgamation of The Chemical Society and The Royal Institute of Chemistry. It traces its history to the first meeting of the Chemical Society of London held on 30 March 1841. The Royal Society of Chemistry’s Charter was granted by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 1980 and states that the object for which the RSC is constituted is “the general advancement of chemical science and its application”. Further details on the charter can be found at the RSC website.