FMB Saws | Corporate Video Voiceover

I was delighted to record this atmospheric Branding Video voiceover for FMB Saws. Based in Italy, they have specialised in the manufacture of Bandsaws and Drilling Machines since 1982. In a market originally dominated by Disc Saws, they were one of the first to offer Band saws.

Over the last 40 years the basic concepts of their machines have always remained the same: quality, solidity and reliability. They are proud of the hallmark of excellence “Made In Italy”.

The video has gentle music and pacing. The voiceover script is quite short and I read it with gravitas, leaving specific gaps between the lines. This allowed the short voice recording to spread across the 90 seconds of video, almost like lines in a poem.

As a qualified mechanical/electronic engineer with a number of years working in IT, I’m extremely well suited to voicing any video content related to manufacturing, industry, engineering, science and technology. If you have a project of that type  – please contact me to discuss your voiceover needs.

The client was looking for a classic, neutral British Voiceover with a warm, trustworthy tone and clear diction. The voice recording was made at my Personal Studio in London, UK.

Studio: Personal Studio
Microphone: Lewitt LCT 540 S
Signal Path: DBX 286s, Focusrite Saffire Pro 14
Direction: Self Directed

Voiceover Brief and Skills 

  • Provide a voiceover with a Neutral / RP English accent and a warm, trustworthy tone.
  • Take onboard the client brief and provide options for intonation and emphasis
FMB Saws
FMB has specialised in the manufacture of Bandsaws and drilling machines since 1982.