Danone – DanArt | eLearning Voiceover

It’s fun to work on eLearning voiceover projects when you feel an affinity for the product you are describing. So, I was delighted to be chosen by Danone as the voice of their eLearning tutorial videos for DANART. In some areas, the DanArt Artwork Management System is like a stripped-down version of Photoshop, which I use frequently. This made it easy to put across the features and ideas in a believable way.

This video is the “Review and Approval Module” – the first in an ongoing series. The modern, 2D animation introduces the viewer to the DanArt concept and team, before describing how the software and system works. The DanArt system is used by international marketing teams within the Danone Group.

The client was looking for a clear, neutral English voiceover with a friendly tone – suitable for teaching an international audience. The voiceover was self-directed and produced in my personal London studio – including editing, de-breath, EQ and Compression.

The animation was created first and sent to me as a guide for the vocal recording. As the voice of the “trainer”, it was important for me to speak in synchronisation with the animated trainers’ mouth. This helped to avoid any further editing by the animators in that section of the video.

It’s always nice to see how I might look in cartoon form!

Studio: Personal Studio
Microphone: Lewitt LCT 540 S
Signal Path: DBX 286s, Focusrite Saffire Pro 14
Direction: Self Directed / Self Recorded

Voiceover Brief and Skills 

  • Provide a clear neutral English voiceover with a friendly, warm tone suitable for an international audience.
  • Self Directed
  • Edit, De-breath, Clean-Up, Compress audio.
  • Supply of WAV audio files


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Website: www.danone.com