FRAMELCO | Branding Film  Voiceover (Welsh Accent)

As a kid, I spent many summer holidays in South Wales – visiting my father’s family and enjoying the coast. One year we stayed on a farm in Cardigan. It seemed a sane idea to get up at 5am each morning and sit on the farmer’s tractor as he drove around the farm. We usually ended up amongst the cows at the milking parlour around 6am.

Fast forward a few decades. When Dutch animal feed company Framelco wanted the voice of a farmer, thinking as he walked around his Dairy Farm – I put my hand in the air and offered a naturalistic Welsh farmer voice. The  voice style was to be “very natural and authentic – not acting, just being” – as if we can hear the thoughts of the farmer.

Initially, I auditioned with a range of UK accents that could fit with Dairy Farming:- 
  • My native Cheshire accent (plenty of cows in the fields around me growing up)
  • South Wales accent
  • West Country accent
The client liked the lilt of the South Wales accent, so I linked up from my Personal Studio in London to the producer in the Netherlands and was directed in real-time via Skype Audio. 

The is an excellent method for live direction and has no audio delay. The producer/director hears exactly what goes through the microphone/preamp  – the same audio I hear myself through my headphones when speaking into the microphone.

I’m delighted with the produced video – the music, voice and images blend together perfectly. It takes me back to those wonderful summer holidays on the Welsh dairy farm.

Studio: Personal Studio
Microphone: Lewitt LCT 540 S
Signal Path: DBX 286s, Focusrite Saffire Pro 14
Direction: Client Directed via Skype

Voiceover Brief and Skills 

  • Provide a Farmer voiceover with genuine South Wales accent and a natural, authentic style.
  • Take client direction via Internet linkup using Skype audio

FRA is a family-owned company specialized in the development, manufacturing and marketing of animal feed and drinking water additives worldwide.