IKEA Beacon Technology | Video

It was a delight to provide a video voiceover for IKEA – describing their new Beacon Technology, which works with the IKEA FAMILY app. The store in Graz, Austria was the first to test the technology. Beacons are small Bluetooth transmitters that send specific messages from predefined locations to customers who have made their mobile phones receptive.

The voiceover brief was for a clear, friendly delivery using my natural voice (Standard English with a hint of Cheshire). The voice-over was recorded and edited at my home studio before being delivered to the client – ready to drop straight into the video production. The final video is shown here.


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IKEA Website: ikea.com


Preparation using guide track. To provide a documentary voice-over around 3 minutes long using the lower part of my speech register to create a sense of authority/drama,


  • Voiceover
  • Client Directed via Internet Link
  • Supply of WAV Audio Files