Invensys Rail | eLearning Voiceover

Having an engineering background can come in handy and I was delighted when Invensys Rail (now part of Siemens AG) asked me to be the in-vision presenter and voiceover on their new E-learning project “21st Century Rail Technology”.

The total voiceover content was about 90 minutes; all recorded, de-breathed and produced in my home studio and delivered as an edited version to allow the project team to create the various animations and graphics around it. The videos on this page; “Train Carried Systems” and “ERTMS & ETCS Definitions” are two of several animations, modules for which I provided the narration.

For the in-vision side of the project I went down to their HQ in Chippenham and filmed a series of scenes around the site. These were presented in a documentary style and shot with a cinemascope aspect ratio to give the video an interesting vintage feel.


As a single-source supplier and system integrator, Siemens combines all the expertise necessary for sustainable solutions in all areas of rail transportation.

Siemens Rail Website:


To provide a set of eLearning voiceovers with a clear, positive, informative style using a neutral standard English accent.


  • Voiceover
  • Edit, De-breath, Clean-Up, Compress audio.
  • Supply of WAV audio files