DOCUE | Corporate Video Voiceover

As a freelance voiceover artist, I often send out legal contracts so I know how complex it can be to draft the document and gather signatures.

Recently I was asked by DOCUE, a legal tech company headquartered in Finland, to record a voiceover for their corporate video. I always take time to research and understand the client before I prepare the script – and was fascinated to learn about their slick, straightforward and secure legal document service.

Their video is equally polished. It’s wonderful to see in-vision actors being employed to tell the brand story; a rare sight in today’s world of animated explainer videos. The wry humour is a lovely touch too!

To accompany the visuals, the client wanted a British Voiceover artist with a neutral accent, warmth and clear diction. Importantly, they needed a voice actor who could play along with the elements of wry humour we see on screen.  As an actor with a background in television comedy & improvisation – I was happy to help! I also made some script suggestions along the way.

I thoroughly enjoyed working on the voiceover and I’m delighted with the produced video. The acting, voice, music and imagery blend together perfectly.

If you need an impactful British Voice for your branding video project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Studio: Personal Studio
Microphone: Lewitt LCT 540 S
Signal Path: DBX 286s, Focusrite Saffire Pro 14
Direction: Self-Directed

Voiceover Brief and Skills 

  • Provide a voiceover with a Neutral / RP English accent and a trustworthy, engaging tone.
  • Add humorous twists to the voiceover to match the wry humour in the video.
  • Record script with varying speeds and styles to give editing options


Docue is a legal tech company, headquartered in Finland, whose revolutionary technology enables companies to create, sign and manage documents more easily.