Celgene Event Video Michael Caine Prestige Style Voiceover

Celgene Video – Michael Caine Prestige Voice

I was delighted to record a conference video voiceover for Celgene, a global biopharmaceutical corporation. The video was to begin with a voiceover similar to Michael Caine’s opening speech in the film “The Prestige” and required a voice actor able to reproduce his vocal style.

I’ve done many impressions over the years, both as a voiceover and occasionally as a stand-up comedian, although the mature Michael Caine sound was not one I had tried before. I had watched “The Prestige” several times – its a film I greatly admire and enjoy – and was happy to watch it again to perfect the Caine soundalike voice needed for this project.

The recording was made at my personal studio and was directed via the internet by the production company. The Prestige “Caine” voice was first priority, however we also recorded additional versions using a standard neutral English voice delivered with an air of gravitas – in order to give the client some options. A selection of the recordings will appear below shortly.