Jack Rackham Voice – Pirate Experience

As both an actor and voice actor – it’s always wonderful to flex the vocal muscles on a dramatic voice project. For the Pirate Experience exhibition on one of the Caribbean islands , I was asked to provide the voice of infamous historical pirate “Calico” Jack Rackham – the inspiration for Jack Sparrow in the recent movie franchise. I was also hired to voice the featured pirate characters on board Jack’s ship “The Rusty Parrot”.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calico_Jack
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One Voice Awards 2019 – Best TV Documentary Voiceover

For the second year running, I’m delighted to be nominated for “Best Male Performance – Television Documentary Voiceover” at the One Voice Awards 2019. Watch my nominated clip UK Money Laundering below, and click the button below the video to hear my 8 nominations from One Voice Awards 2018

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Coronation Street – Television 2019

Heineken Commerce Week Voiceover

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Rome – Documentary Video Voiceover

I was delighted to record a medical conference documentary voiceover on the theme of Rome and Italian cuisine, medicine and philosophy. The event took place in the city of Rome and the documentary video was intended to welcome the delegates to the conference, highlight company developments and show various elements of Italian culture and history.

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Celgene Video – Michael Caine Prestige Voice

I was delighted to record a conference video voiceover for Celgene, a global biopharmaceutical corporation. The video was to begin with a voiceover similar to Michael Caine’s opening speech in the film “The Prestige” and required a voice actor able to reproduce his vocal style.

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One Voice Awards 2018 – Eight Nominations

I’m delighted to be shortlisted in 8 Award Categories for the One Voice Awards 2018, including Male Voiceover of the Year. Its an honour to be nominated alongside such a wealth of wonderful talented artists from across the industry. Congratulations to all nominees and I look forward to seeing you at the event!

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R’ La Radiostation Commercial Voiceovers 2017

With the ski season upon us, once again I was delighted to record some Radio Commercial Voiceovers for France, which can be heard in the Rhône-Alpes region. Read more

Star Wars Toy – Voice of Qui-Gon Jinn

Sometimes a job comes along that makes you smile from ear to ear. Recently I had the joy of sitting behind a microphone, channeling my best LIAM NEESON impression and saying the words “May The Force Be With You” along with many other phrases. I was recording the voice of  QUI-GON JINN for a new Star Wars Toy – part of the Disney Force Link Band 2 series. Read more

Pinewood Studios – Video Game Trailer Voiceover

As an actor and voice actor of 20 years – it’s always a pleasure to work within the more dramatic dimensions of voiceover work. During the summer I was delighted to record a deep trailer voiceover, promoting a new video game “Champions Rising: Legends of Elusia” by NEXON Mobile. Initially I auditioned, as requested, with two specific voice styles; a voice similar to Colin Firth (in Kingsman) and a British version of Richard Epcar’s gravelly tones. You can hear my audition clips below – recorded on iPhone and tweaked on iMac.

Once cast, I recorded the promo at the wonderful Shepperton Studios (Pinewood Group). It was a very dynamic session – being directed simultaneously by the Shepperton studio team and the NEXON production team in South Korea. The Firth and Epcar clips demonstrated the flexibility needed to land the role – yet when it came to the recording day I was asked to provide two other voices:- (1) Dramatic Voice of God (2) Grandpa/Professor – with an emotional world weary sound. The Voice of God version was used, as heard in the video excerpt below. It’s always fun being asked to improvise and develop new voices as needed in the recording session – and great to see very happy clients!

I’m delighted that my voice work on this gaming project has been nominated for the One Voice Awards 2018 in the category Best Male Performance – Gaming.