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Jack Rackham Voice – Pirate Experience

As both an actor and voice actor – it’s always wonderful to flex the vocal muscles on a dramatic voice project. For the Pirate Experience exhibition on one of the Caribbean islands , I was asked to provide the voice of infamous historical pirate “Calico” Jack Rackham – the inspiration for Jack Sparrow in the recent movie franchise. I was also hired to voice the featured pirate characters on board Jack’s ship “The Rusty Parrot”.

This is a short audio sample from the production. Jack’s partner, Anne Bonny, sets the scene for us. A Spanish galleon is blocking the bay and the pirates are under fire. Jack gathers his drunken crew and orders them to move to the “Kingston” – a merchant ship they stole in December 1719.

I recorded the audio at my personal studio with the cutting-edge LEWITT LCT540s Microphone. The client and producers directed me via Skype audio.