Rome Documentary Voiceover Silhouette Monuments City

Rome – Documentary Video Voiceover

I was delighted to record a medical conference documentary voiceover on the theme of Rome and Italian cuisine, medicine and philosophy. The event took place in the city of Rome and the documentary video was intended to welcome the delegates to the conference, highlight company developments and show various elements of Italian culture and history.

 The voice brief was for a neutral “Standard” English accent and a professional, educational, warm, informative  style, such as would be found on a TV or Film Documentary. The recording was made at my personal studio and supplied to the production team, where it was mixed with a selection of classical and folk music to compliment the scenes and vocal elements. A voiceover compilation from the video is below.

I’m thrilled that my work on this project has been nominated for the One Voice Awards 2018 in the category Male Voiceover Artist of the Year.