Pinewood Games Shepperton Studios Nexon Promo Trailer British Voiceover

Pinewood Studios – Video Game Trailer Voiceover

As an actor and voice actor of 20 years – its always a pleasure to work within the more dramatic dimensions of voiceover work. During the summer I was delighted to record a deep dramatic trailer voiceover – promoting a new video game by South Korean developer NEXON. The game title is currently under an NDA. Initially I auditioned, as requested, with two specific voice styles; a voice similar to Colin Firth (in Kingsman) and a British version of Richard Epcar’s gravelly tones. You can hear my audition clips below – which were recorded on iPhone and tweaked on iMac.

Once cast, I recorded the audio near London at the wonderful Shepperton Studios  – which are part of the Pinewood Group. It was a very dynamic session – being directed simultaneously by the Shepperton studio team and (via Webcam) by the production team in South Korea. The Firth and Epcar clips demonstrated the flexibility needed to land the role – yet when it came to the recording day I was asked to provide two other voices:-  (1) Dramatic Voice of God  (2) Grandpa/Professor – with a more emotional world weary sound. Its always fun being asked to improvise and develop new voices as needed in the recording session – and great to see very happy clients!


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